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Hector Sanchez, CEO of The Training Notebook, relaunches business using Growth Marketing principles

In November 2018, Hector joined us to learn how Growth Marketing could grow his business. His app, The Training Notebook, experienced some initial success but customer acquisition plateaued and more importantly, Hector did not know how to duplicate his initial success.

Enter The Talent Institute

Hector learned about The Talent Institute from his coding instructor, Pak Chu, another recent graduate. After discussing The Training Notebook with Hector, Pak realized Hector wasn’t going to find answers in the code. The answers were in marketing.

Hector Sanchez started his fitness career as a personal trainer in 2005, after serving 4 years in the U.S. Navy. He found a passion for personal training for the joy of helping individuals make a difference in their physical and mental health. “Nobody ever regrets going to the gym.”

His personal fitness accomplishments include:

  * North Face Challenge Marathon at Bear Mountain, May 2010

  * New York Hampton Marathon, Oct 2009

  * North Face Challenge 50K UltraMarathon at Bear Mountain, May 2011

  * MensHealth Urbanathlon NYC Oct 2011,15,16

  * Tri-State area Tough Mudder Oct 2014,15,16

  * New York City Marathon, Nov 2014

  * North Face Challenge 50K UltraMarathon San Fran, May 2014

Hector joined our bootcamp with little to no knowledge about digital marketing, growth marketing or how it can benefit his business. By the end of the class, he was fully engaged with the content, and personalizing the learnings for his product. He began to redesign the landing page, adjust his customer acquisition funnel, and incorporate critical analytical tools to the website and app. Hector was determined to not only fuel another round of growth for his business but to track his growth, so he can learn and iterate in the future.

Today, The Training Notebook relaunches with all the lessons learned from our Growth Marketing Bootcamp. We will continue to support Hector on his journey with continuous, personalized coaching and learning opportunities. You can preview the app here.

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