The concept A/B testing has risen in popularity over the years. Roles are increasingly being created inside large companies and startups to own A/B testing, also know as rapid experimentation.

Growth marketing is like being in a lab, a digital lab. Not as dangerous as Walt’s lab in “Breaking Bad” but just as lucrative. To be effective at experimenting as a Growth Marketer, you must have a wide range of skills including:

  1. SEO
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Email Marketing
  4. PPC
  5. Front end development

Having these skills separately do not make you a Growth Marketer. It’s the ability to apply these skills, to A/B test, and an obsession with growth, that make you a Growth Marketer. And by growth, I mean more customers, more sales, more revenue.

Should every marketing team have a growth marketer? YES! It’s not just the obsession with growth that makes a growth marketer valuable. It’s also an obsession with measuring that growth. Growth Marketers want to be able to prove that every action, every insight, and every recommendation leads to growth. To do so, you need to be obsessed with data. This obsession helps keep teams connected, engaged with the business and driving towards business goals. So what should you look for when hiring a growth marketer? In addition to the skills above, and probably more importantly, you must look for individuals who:

  1. End every recommendation with “Let’s test that”
  2. Answer every question with “The data showed”
  3. Are just as excited by what didn’t work as what did work
  4. Get things done, but know the work is never done

Think about it, do you ever want your business to stop growing? No! So the job of a growth marketer is never done!